Mar 09, 2017


The following parents have been nominated for School Council (Parent Member Category):

  • Scott Brown
  • Margaret Lockett
  • Violet Bright
  • Debbie Read
  • Ilana Leeds
  • Guy Hoddinott
  • Valerie Edgar

Unfortunately an error in the number of vacancies was made. There are in fact 5 Parent Member Category vacancies, not 6. This has been confirmed by the School Governance Division of the Department of Education and Training. I apologise for this error.

Consequently, an election will be held. Ballots will be sent out on Tuesday, 14th March at the close of day, and the ballot will close on Thursday, 23rd March at 4:00pm. The ballot will be counted at 12:00pm on Friday, 24th March, 2017.

  • Kinza Potts was nominated in the DET member category. As the number of representatives in this category is less than required, no election is necessary.

Vaya Dauphin

College Principal

Category: News

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