Co-vid 19 Update 20/03/2020


At present Neerim District Secondary College is continuing to deliver our quality education to all students. Classes are to continuing to operate as normally as possible.

Teachers are currently preparing for the possibility of school closure. (The latest advice from the Federal Health Department is that no schools will be closed at the present).

If Neerim District Secondary College is forced to close the following contingencies will be in place.

Year 7-9 students will be given a package of work to take home. This printed hard copies may be booklets/worksheets/activities that students can work through and submit on return to school. Some material may also be place online via Compass or Google Classrooms. Learning Tasks and Lesson Plans will also be placed on Compass.

We understand that some households may have limited or no internet access. This is the reason for the printed materials.

Year 10-12 teachers will be available online at the times of their normal timetabled classes This will allow students and teachers to communicate via Compass/Chat/Email etc.

The expectation is that all students will be on-line, communicating and completing work at these times. Students will upload Learning Tasks and teachers will assess and provide feedback to students. 

Learning Tasks and Resources will be available via Compass and/or Google Classrooms.

We appreciate that these are challenging times but I am certain that all staff and students are capable and resilient enough to face these challenges.


If you require any clarification or further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Phone: 03 5628 1455 or



Steven Panozzo

Acting Principal

Neerim District Secondary College