Our College

Neerim District Secondary College is a small rural secondary college that has a strong academic and personal development culture.

Neerim District Secondary College is part of The Tarago Education Community (TEC) with its 5 affiliated primary schools and pre-school, Neerim South Primary, Neerim District Rural Primary, Noojee Primary, Jindivick Primary, Labertouche Primary and Mary Beck Pre-School. We work in cooperation with our local community and the rural government schools in the district to improve the K-12 educational experience and learning outcomes for its students.

Our programs include a Grade 5 - Year 8 Literacy strategy across the TEC schools, a shared language (Chinese Mandarin) program from Prep to Year 9, a Virtual Learning Network, with three other rural secondary colleges to increase the breadth of VCE offerings for our students, and an eLearning strategy across all schools.

Through the work of Middle Years and VCE coaches, Welfare team and Student Support team, who work closely with students, teachers and parents, we have a culture of high expectations, academic excellence and responsibility for own learning. In a learning environment that is underpinned by respect, commitment and community, our enrollments continue to grow and flourish.