Teaching Staff

John Wilson



Stuart Nicolson

Assistant Principal,

Daily Organisation,

Emergency Management,

Bus Co-ordinator,

Maintenance OH&S

Steve Panozzo LT

Teaching and Learning – Professional Learning Culture LT,

Compass School Administrator

Steve Vincent

Later Years Leader

Health and Physical

Education KLD Leader,

Sports Co-ordinator

Tyson Biffin

Middle Years Co-ordination,

Phys Ed/ Science teacher,

Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Jude Johns

Middle Years Co-ordination,

Humanities teacher,

CEA9 Co-ordinator

Paul Sharp


Assessment and Reporting,


Kahlani Akarana

Music and English teacher

Maria Cheesman

Maths and Science teacher,

Science KLD Leader

Katy Grandin

Leadership/Special Projects

Kerrie Guerin

Food Technology /H&HD Teacher

Later Years Co-ordination Assistant

Russell Handley

Art / Vis Com / CEA9 teacher,

Arts KLD Leader

Steve Howe

English/VCAL Literacy Teacher

Jeff Locklier

Maths/Science teacher

Kinza Potts

Humanities / English teacher,

Humanities KLD leader,

Literacy Leader

Jill Timpano

Humanities/English Teacher

Russell Webb

Technology Teacher/Technology KLD Leader,

VCAL- Work Related Skills,


Hannah White

Science/Phys Ed Teacher

Fahad Zakaria

Maths and Science teacher,

Maths KLD Leader,

College notebook representative,

ICT Manager,


Jason Zhao

Mandarin Teacher

Support Staff

Glenys Akarana

Canteen Manager

Heather Buntine

Integration Aide

Barnes Cook

ICT Technician,

Technical support

Linn Cook

Teacher Mentor/Literacy Support

Bev Falls

Integration Aide,

VCAL Assistant

Deb Goodwin

Food Technology Assistant,

Integration Aide

Cathy Gower

Integration Coordinator,

Integration Aide

Josh Hasan


Carrie Hay

ICT Technician,

Website support,


Daniel Holland

Integration Aide

Christine Law

Admin Assistant,

Attendance Officer,

VASS Administrator

Jan Mills

Business Manager

Emily O'Connor

Integration Aide

Mike Percy


Sahrish Rafat

Integration Aide

Di Ronalds

Integration Aide

Laura Van Stijn

School Nurse (Thursdays)

Aaron Webb

Maintenance Officer

Marg Lockett

School Council President