Homework Policy

Homework is set by teachers so as to encourage and assist the development of good study habits and to ensure that students complete all work necessary to maximise their learning.

  • Each student will be assigned homework by classroom teachers on a regular basis.
  • Home Group teachers have the responsibility to make regular checks of students’ diary usage in relation to homework. These diaries are issued by the school for this purpose – they should be treated with respect and need to be taken to each class, as well as to Home Groups.
  • Students in Years 7 – 9 are required to have their homework diary signed regularly by parents or guardians.
  • Students in Years 7 – 9 whose diaries are not signed, or not maintained and used as required, may be required to do a lunchtime detention.
  • When the homework is assigned it will be made clear to the students when the homework is to be completed and handed in. This should be recorded in the student’s diary by the student.
  • Teachers and parents should be mindful of the fact that students need to learn that deadlines for the completion of work should be met.
  • Students should be given a reasonable amount of time to complete their homework, keeping in mind the requirements of other subject areas.
  • Class teachers will be responsible for the reviewing of each child’s level of application homework.
  • The class teacher will be responsible for following up on any homework that is not completed, as well as notifying parents if concerned about a lack of work from any student.
  • Repeated failure to hand in homework will be dealt with in line with the Student Management Policy.
  • Parents are encouraged to check that homework is completed. Homework can take the form of set tasks, completion of unfinished work, revision of work already covered prior to a test, or extension work.
  • Generally it is suggested that Years 7 – 8 students work for the following minimum periods of time per night:
  • Year 8 – 1 hour

A full copy of our Homework Policy is available from the Secondary College.