Uniform Policy

All students in the College are required to wear school uniform at school, to and from school, and on excursions unless a specific exemption is given.

YEARS 7 – 10

JUMPER: Royal Blue College Jumper.
FOOTWEAR: Plain black leather school shoes (approved styles only).
HATS: Navy broad-brimmed hat required for Terms 1 & 4.
JACKET: The college jacket is recommended for all students.


SUMMER (Terms 1 & 4):
Dress in prescribed material and pattern, plain white socks OR navy shorts in prescribed brand and style, pale blue polo shirt with logo and plain white socks. 

WINTER (Terms 2 & 3): College skirt as prescribed OR navy blue pants, pale blue school shirt or a long sleeved pale blue long sleeved polo shirt, plain grey or navy blue socks or tights. (A T-shirt or skivvy either pale blue or white may be worn underneath the school shirt with winter uniform).


SUMMER (Terms 1 & 4):
Regulation grey school shorts, a pale blue short-sleeved school shirt or pale blue polo shirt, plain white socks.

WINTER (Terms 2 & 3):
Regulation grey school trousers, pale blue school shirt or blue polo shirt as above (long or short sleeved), plain grey socks. (plain pale blue or white T-shirt may be worn underneath shirt with winter uniform.)


As with 7 – 10 uniform, except:

White shirt – either formal or polo, Royal Blue College Jumper, or College blazer.

Girls wear navy blue shorts or pants or College approved skirt (no denim). The College summer dress is also an option.

Boys wear grey shorts or pants.

All students wear plain black leather school shoes (approved styles only).


Required for all Year 7-10 students and for participation in interschool sports teams. Royal blue polo shirt with navy blue collar and printed logo,NDSC sport shorts. College NDSC Rugby jumper and NDSC track pant also available.

Uniform items are available from ‘Beleza’ of Warragul (Williams Square, Ph. 5622 2930). If you are unsure about uniform requirements, please contact either a House Leader, Coordinator or the Assistant Principal.