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Beyond Classroom

At Neerim District Secondary College, we offer a wide range of services to students beyond the classroom.

Student Wellbeing Activities
Students may arrange to see the Student Wellbeing Coordinator, or the School Nurse concerning any difficulties they are having. With parental consent they may also access Student Support Services, School Chaplaincy Program, our Youth Outreach Officer and the Doctors in Schools Program.

Other student wellbeing resources are available throughout the year.

Doctors in Schools
The Doctors in School service runs through our custom built Doctor’s rooms which are located in the bus-loop. All students are able to access, via appointment, the confidential services of a GP and Practice Nurse here at school without incurring any out-of-pocket expenses for the consultations.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Make primary health care more accessible to students
  • Provide support to young people through the early identification of health problems
  • Reduce the pressure on working families.

The program is guided by a range of key principles, including:

  • Equity of access
  • No cost of access to a GP at school to student or parents/carers
  • Youth-friendly
  • Staff trained in adolescent-health
  • Student confidentiality
  • Cultural safety.

Careers Office

The Careers Coordinator assists students to learn about and transition to the world of work. It provides information on career trends, plus tertiary and TAFE courses available and their prerequisites. Counselling of individual students on career choice and developments in the VCE is available. Information on preparing individual resumes, letter writing skills and telephone techniques are available and the College organise, with the local community, work experience for students in year 10.

My Career Insights is a new program for all year 9 students in government secondary schools. This program will help your year 9 child to:

  • Learn about what skills and abilities they could bring to a job.
  • Find out about what jobs match their abilities, interests and personality, and the subjects they need for those jobs The program will involve your child answering some questions and quizzes. The results will be presented in a report called the Morrisby Profile Report.