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Principal’s message

Welcome to Neerim District Secondary College, a unique secondary school setting. We are pleased to invite you to join us in a learning partnership where every teacher knows every student and their individual learning needs, strengths and goals. Your child will be well-known in our school community and supported throughout each step of their educational and developmental journey.
Mike Shone - Principal

At Neerim District Secondary College we live and breathe the philosophy of “education for life”. We believe that success is about the quality of the journey – the nature of the experiences along the way – and not just the endpoint. Our College is focused on achieving success for all students and our aim is to send our students into the world as well-rounded, capable, caring young individuals. We provide particular support and opportunities to all students to aim high in their personal learning goals, to improve and excel.

As a small year 7 – 12 school we are able to offer a range of leadership, academic, sporting and personal development opportunities:

  • With over 30 leadership positions in a number of different areas.
  • Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program (through the University of Melbourne)
  • Zone, Regional and State levels in sport
  • Early Access to VCE and University Courses
  • A rigorous and engaging VCAL program

Our school encourages all students to adopt and practise the college values of:


To be considerate of the feelings, wishes and rights of others.


The action of leading or guiding others, being a positive role model.


Continuing to do your best despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.


A sense of being to NDSC, to work for the benefit of all.

We are a community of learners, and whether you are new to our school or returning here — may you each achieve great success.

Our students do not go to Neerim District Secondary College; they ARE Neerim District Secondary College.