The College is keen to keep parents informed as to what is happening at school. We use different ways to communicate with families:

  • News & Views - A fortnightly newsletter (sent home with the youngest child in each family).
  • Phone calls home.
  • Student/Parent/Teacher Nights.
  • Student Reports.
  • Information Evenings.
  • Social Functions.

The school has a policy of easy access. If there is any matter causing concern, please don't hesitate to telephone the school on 5628 1455, making an appointment if necessary to speak with a Coordinator about any matters relating to student behaviour or well-being. For matters relating to learning in particular subjects, please feel free to make an appointment with the relevant classroom teacher or subject area coordinator. If there are any other matters causing concern, please contact the Assistant Principal or the Principal.

  • Principal: Mrs Vaya Cross
  • Assistant Prinicipal: Mr Stuart Nicolson
  • Later Years Coordinator (Years 10-12): Mr Steve Vincent
  • VCE Coach: Mr George Conway
  • Junior Coordinator (Years 7-9): Mr Jeff Locklier
  • Careers Advisor: Mr Paul Sharp
  • Wellbeing Leader: Ms Jimi Hopkins